Preparing Food Fast

Preparing Food Fast

Life is so busy these days with kids and full time work, it’s no wonder most of us grab the fastest and quickest calories we can to put in our mouths.


Of course we wouldn’t select those foods if we had on hand other food and then we don’t really have the spare time to fill our fridges with it.


I say RUBBISH to that excuse. Everyone has time to fit meal prep in. If your on a mission and you have direction you just need an hour.


You also need to think on your feet, so don’t just cook, or cut one thing. You must be thinking of cooking time and working out what needs to be done now and what can wait and have two or three things on the go at once.


In the attached video I am preparing a Thai Green Curry and some breakfast cups. A reasonably simple combo of two items for the hour. However I could have also made a salad (non cut) , boiled some eggs, chopped up vege sticks and stored in water for easy eating, and or made some rice or sweet potato mash for sides for our dinners.


How good does that food look and I can concur that it tastes amazing!

However today I prepared 10 x Thai Green Curry dishes which I can freeze or as discussed in the video I could have kept the vegetables separate and prepared them prior to eating to keep the freshness.


Anyways, enjoy the film and sorry if the quality isn’t fantastic. Let me know if you give it a try and how you go. Feedback is always welcome.

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